Meet The Team

Rachel Delduca

Owner & CEO

Rachel Delduca grew up in Niagara Falls and currently resides in Barrie with her husband Roberto and their 2 year old baby girl Eloise. She is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Music Theatre program. 

After completing her degree, Rachel was fortunate to undertake several theatre productions and performance contracts, taking her to stages across the country and beyond. Initially, her minimalist lifestyle was born out of necessity, as she packed only a few suitcases’ worth of possessions for her adventures.

Returning home from her travels, Rachel became inspired to declutter, organize, and simplify her life. It was during these moments of transformation that she realized how many individuals grapple with the burden of excess possessions, which often morph into sources of stress.

With a new-found passion for creating harmony in both spaces and lives, Rachel made the pivotal decision to become a Professional Organizer.

Five years ago, Living In Harmony was born, a business endeavour guided by Rachel’s vision and dedication to helping others find serenity through decluttering and organization. As of now, the company has grown into a team of four, all united by their keen passion for transforming spaces and lives.

As Living In Harmony expands, Rachel has held steadfastly to her mission: to create a world where everyone can experience the serenity that comes from living in harmony with their surroundings, and with her unwavering dedication, it’s a dream that’s destined to become a reality.

Cassandra Elizabeth

Wardrobe Stylist
Toronto based fashion designer and personal stylist, Cassandra Elizabeth is creating a new definition of sustainable leadership – one that is rooted in inclusivity, accessibility, quality and longevity. She is committed to bringing simplicity and function into everyones wardrobe.
Cassandra always had a love for fashion and was passionate about creating and styling garments from a young age. This passion has allowed her to explore many avenues in the fashion industry. As a fashion designer, Cassandra has the knowledge of garment construction and colour theory, giving her insight and confidence to dress and style all body types.
Operating with the practise of leaving things behind better than you found them, Cassandra now lives in Toronto, ON where she continues to educate people on how to build a sustainable wardrobe.

Eva Petris

Professional Organizer

Eva was a strange child. She had an endless thirst to make her spaces as tidy, organized and calming as possible. She found more joy in the putting away of toys than actually playing with them. Always considering how to make her home make sense. Organizing the kitchen and her mother’s closet were always a special treat. As an adult, the organizing bug has only grown.  

She has had the privilege of living across Canada. This provided her the opportunity to learn what the essentials are and how to make any space feel like home. 

Eva has always felt that a properly organized and tidy home can help lessen the stresses of life and allow more room for creativity, love and fun. She is so excited to assist clients across the GTA create a beautiful, logical space that will give them more time for what matters most.

Caroline Toal

Professional Organizer

Caroline is a professional organizer and artist based in downtown Toronto. With a focus and passion for mental health, Caroline believes that an organized space creates a healthy mind. When she is not organizing, she is acting and writing professionally.

With play in mind, she brings creativity, fun, and laughter to her work. Ultimately, Caroline’s mission is to help make the lives of her clients as easy and stress-free as possible through sustainable organization solutions.

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