Frequently asked questions

It can sometimes feel daunting or overwhelming to declutter / organize your space. Having an outside perspective and professional come to support / do it for you ensures the job gets done.

During the video call consultation, I will assess your space and give you a time estimate based on your possessions, ideas, and lifestyle.

For larger projects, we send a team of two organizers, so you can enjoy your space sooner.

If you are part of the organizing process, our session will be completed faster and you can learn our organizing tips along the way! 

Your level of involvement is your preference.

We welcome and encourage you to join and be part of the process with us! It is much more efficient, cost effective and beneficial for the maintenance of your space if you are alongside us. 

If you would rather our team of professionals take care of everything, we will honour and respect that as well.

As long as you are present (in person or via video call) for short periods of time throughout the day, the process can move along efficiently. This is to ensure that the proper items are being decluttered and organized based on your lifestyle.

Definitely not! I will not make you throw out anything. Every decision is yours and I will not force anything upon you.

I do encourage only holding onto the things that bring you joy or serve a true purpose in your life.

This is to ensure the maximum benefit of the experience and to create more space for magic to flow.

Our team is loving and accepting and we are here to help you, not judge you.

We’ve seen it all. We are not afraid of clutter. We are ready and excited to dive right in!

We will always try to use what you have for organization. You’d be surprised by what we find for storage solutions that you already own!

If you desire new baskets or supplies, we are happy to help you source those items. 

A big part of our process is determining how to create spaces that you’ll be able to upkeep yourself. We will personalize the space together so that it’s easily maintainable system for you.

After some decluttering, with less items to manage, it will be much easier to keep your space neat and tidy.

And if you ever need a refresh down the road, we are more than happy to support you. 

During our video call consultation, we will assess your space and give you a cost estimate.

Our rate is $50 per hour, per organizer for all home organizing and $55 for wardrobe styling sessions. 

Our rate is $100 per hour for personal shopping wardrobe sessions. 

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